Here in Studio Lusardi we let your business open the door to the Internet World, and we take care of the entire process.  From a simple website design to the most ambitious web project we offer a wide range of services to enhance the branding and reach of your business.

Why us? We’re always improving our services to meet the latest technologies. We make sure your business product, service, and message reach everyone who connects to the Internet.

We do not create websites which cannot be seen in certain mobile devices knowing that nowadays more than 40% of internet users access to web content with their smartphones.

Development,  Design and Features

HTML5 and CSS3

We take design to another level. HTML5 combined with CSS3 are the new trend in markup languages. Fully supported by most browsers, these languages are the best option today to develop a website. With this new technology there is no need of using Flash to create animations anymore and of course all Apple devices will be able to show your content with no problems at all.

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responsive web design

100% Responsive Design

Responsive Web Design (RWD) is a Web design approach aimed at crafting sites to provide an optimal viewing experience–easy reading and navigation with a minimum resizing, panning, and scrolling– across a wide range of devices (from mobile phones and tablets to desktop computer monitors)

Retina Ready

Whether your website visitors are browsing from a Retina MacBook Pro, a Retina iPad, or any of the other High-Resolution Devices that inevitably will come onto the market, we have you covered. Our Website’s stylesheets automatically check each website visitor’s device pixel-density ratio, and then serve up all of the details crafted for their specific resolution. The result is a graphically beautiful experience, no matter the device.


Optimized for Speed

Lighting fast. Exceptional page-load performance straight out of the box. Nothing’s required but a stander PHP web hosting. Most of the websites nowadays are bloated with effects and you can hardly scroll the page. Our websites are packed with CSS animations and yet light and with exceptional loading time.

SEO Optimized

(Search Engine Optimization), When owners look for the perfect website for their business they must think how that site will rank on Google Search Engines. Our Websites are built on search engine optimization standard and assure you the best SEO development practices, that contribute at your ranking on search engines.

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translation ready

Translation Ready. WPML Optimized

We create websites with the best translation practices in mind and already contains languages po/mo files for easier translation. In case there’s a need to run multiple languages at once, our Websites are optimized to offer visibility to foreign visitors.

Layered Sliders

With a Layered Slider we offer the capability to show images, videos and captions paired with simple, modern or fancy 3D transitions. On top of that, this slider is fully responsive and mobile optimized and can take on any dimensions. And if you want your entire page to be a video or slide, the Layered Slider can handle it.

layered slider1

Unlimited Colors and Fonts

We provide amazing color details for every element in your site (Footer, Header, Body, Fonts, etc.). We can choose any color to match your business identity with no limitations. And we also can match the same Font Types and Styles you might be using for your business already.

Photo / Video Galleries and Portfolios

Looking for something unique and awesome, Full Screen Galleries, Video Background and Interactive Portfolios will provide to your site the perfect design-touch needed to show your work, store or products with class and professionalism.


Social Shares Buttons and Icons

Having Social sharing icons in your site’s pages provides a quick and powerful way for marketing your business. It behooves you to encourage your customers to share information about your business. Not doing so means you are missing out on some of the most cost effective and powerful proponents of your business – your own customers.

Contact Form with Google Maps

We will add a professional contact form that will match the entire look of the site. We add all the data input fields you need so you can respond to your visitors based on specific information provided at the time of filling out the form. Want to show a map to your place? Then we’ll add a responsive Google Map with your location so people can get directions or use navigation apps on their phones.
form google map
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Email / Newsletter Opt-in Form

To maximize your sales, you need an Opt-In Email list. Having an Opt-In Email list can be the difference between dismal sales and record- breaking sales. With a list, you can maximize your website’s conversion rates by following up on people who aren’t ready to buy your products or services yet, but who may do so in the future.

Analytics Tracking

We implement in your site a Google Analytics tracking code to provide powerful digital info which can be used to understand your visitors behavior while surfing your Website. We are able to let you know how many visits your site has, where visitors come from and what do they do on the site. How can the website convert more visitors into customers. In what specific page of your site your visitors decide to leave. Which pages retain visitors the longest. What search terms people use on Google to find your site. Etc.
shopping cart

Shopping Cart

Whether your business sells physical products or digital ones, we can help you promote and sell them in your website by adding a shopping cart and transforming your site in a powerful e-commerce shop. Built-in Payment and Shipping Options this feature will give your business a complete online selling solution.


Some business owners are afraid of spending extra money on websites updates. For those whose budgets are tight we offer a CMS Site (Content Management System) that allows anyone to update content without the knowledge of a Webmaster guru. We provide tutorials and personal training to business owners, managers and employees.

Do you have questions or need more information? Let us help your Business