Graphic Design is present in all business activities. Among design firms, Studio Lusardi is characterized as a design studio where quality and customer satisfaction are the standard of work.

Whether you are interested in logo designs, marketing brochures, newsletters, company stationery or packaging design for your products, our professional and skilled graphic design services team is here to create your vision – or the vision you didn’t know you wanted until you saw it.

Most Requested Graphic Design Services

Logo Design

Differentiate yourself from the beginning. The logo or logotype is based on the visual image of your brand. It is extremely important that your logo perfectly transmit the values and philosophy of your company, with its own distinct character and competition. Let Studio Lusardi make a logo for you.

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Stationery Design

Once you have a logo, we can develop the corporate image of your brand. From basic stationery (cards, envelopes, sheets, folders, etc.) to any visual business necessity. We’ll create a coherent image of your business, powering your branding.

Flyer Design

If you want to perform a targeted advertising and focused on your target audience. To make a general campaign and to call the attention of your potential clients, we offer our flyer design service. We design creative and original flyers, tailored to the communication needs and preferences of our clients.


Brochures Design

Corporate brochures or company brochures are essential communication tools for businesses. In our Studio we design company brochures, company brochures, company catalogs and reports to enhance the image of your organization, product or service.

Packaging and Label Design

In a highly competitive market, a good brand image and product can be the differentiating factor influencing the buying decision of a consumer to buy one product over another. Let us make your brand or product stand out above the rest.

restaurant menu

Restaurant Menus

There is nothing more precious to a restaurant, apart from the quality of the product that serves its cuisine, which can show a good wine menu driven which to present the full range of dishes to serve and appropriate to the category of the site.

Branded QR Codes

Let us create a QR code with the information or url link you want to share on your print advertisement. We will customize it with your brand and watch your engagement skyrocket. Branded QR Codes achieve scan rates that are 2.3 times higher than ordinary B&W mobile bar codes.


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